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The Seattle Wedding Show

i traded in my flip flops for fuzzy slippers, my sun dress for a messy apron. my sun kissed face for sticky fingers. i went from staring out at a turquoise sea to staring at piles of pretty patterned paper. the funny thing is…. i am not sure which is better. as much as i love vacation, i really love working in my crazy art room. working is the wrong word because making art can never be work to me. pulling weeds is work. washing dishes is work. color correcting hundreds of photos of yarn and candles, work. teaching 33 students a lesson on depth of field, work! but picking a favorite photo and turning in it into something new by adding paper, flowers, paint, beeswax and jewels. this is so far from work.

Seattle Wedding Show-1

Seattle Wedding Show-2 

this weekend was the seattle wedding show and i was fortunate enough to be asked to display my mixed media work as we patiently wait on the 7 year waiting list for photographers. am not going to lie, i was so nervous to display this work. i just wasn't sure how people would respond. these are still new to me and i am slowly building confidence with a medium outside of photography. luckily this weekend was really wonderful! everyone who stopped by the booth was so kind, so excited and so extremely encouraging. all my fears and insecurities quickly released their hold on me.

i must  thank my husband jon for all of his help. he gives me pep talks when i need them most. he is always there to help me. he loads the car and is a speed demon during the booth set-up. he tears it all down and unloads it all when we get home. he always gives me an honest straight forward opinion on colors, photos, paper, and jewels. must give credit where credit is due. the beautiful mannequin collage on display is all jon. i gave my input on a few things but he ran with it the minute i asked for help. a man who can collage like that has my heart forever.

to learn more on our mixed media work go here!

They Love Sloths


just completed this new piece. above collage is on a 20×20 wood panel sealed with beeswax. bits and pieces include, fabric, sewing patterns, napkins, wallpaper, origami paper, antique chandelier crystals, and a sloth from a vintage children's book.

had to find a sloth to add to this collage for these two cuties! since they love them so! love that nanci drew a heart with two sloths for their
wedding invitation. the adorable
illustration became the theme of the wedding and appeared on the little
treats for guests and place cards for tables.



 above is nanci's wedding illustration, "sloth love"…. isn't it cute?


Something New


a little paint, layers of paper and ephemera, a lot of beeswax and a perfectly imperfect photograph that inspired it all.


above image shot with another homemade lens created by that clever jon. i named this one dirty harry.