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Busy Bees

We were buzzing around all over the place last week preparing for the Seattle Wedding Show this past weekend. We signed up for a larger booth this year and then had to hustle to fill it up. This year I printed our photographs on a lovely cotton rag photo paper and poured a layer of encaustic medium over the top of each image. I made several new sets of beeswax clusters, including a cluster from Farrah and Michael’s Bainbridge Island dock wedding. I also created two pieces with patterned paper and ribbon details from this golden wedding. Jon was busy working on a handmade cardboard “One Love Photo” sign for our display. Having a guy that knows his way around a cardboard box is a very awesome thing! The sign was my favorite item in our booth this year. We also made a couple little photo books using old vintage books as the covers. Now the hunt is on for more perfectly worn books.

We want to thank our friends Karen Obrist and Catherine Abegg for helping us out this weekend, our booth was full of friendly faces! Now it’s time to unload the boxes, scrape the wax off the floor and move forward with projects that were temporarily set aside. We have a few more amazing fall weddings to finish editing which I can’t wait to share. Jon has been busy in his pottery studio this winter. A collection of his pottery is available for purchase at the Tacoma Art Museum Store and is also available in his newly updated Etsy store. We have been making lots of visits to the Bead Factory which is conveniently right down the street from us. We’ve been testing and buying all sorts of hooks and chains for a line of jewelry that Jon is working on. The jewelry is called Reef Porcelain and is inspired from our second Home- Hawaii! The pieces look like coral and lava but are handmade using porcelain clay. You can see photos of the earrings and admire my fabulous modeling skills over at the Reef Porcelion Shop on etsy.

Wax On

beeswax cluster: a collection of photographs printed on tissue paper and then encapsulated in wax.

the week
before last was a busy one. i made over twenty-something new beeswax panels to
display at the seattle wedding show. now that i've got the hang of it, i
plan on making some custom clusters for our clients to hang on their


inspired by our upcoming trip to mexico i was cutting and gluing late last night. rusting and melting probably when i really should be packing. now i am posting when i definitely should be packing! here is my most recent collage of a very special girl named zoe. the wax is still settling but i am quite pleased.



20×24 beeswax collage panel
paper, paint, lace, dollhouse pieces and lots of little milagros that i collected on my last trip to mexico. am excited to find new treasures and inspiration this week. to see more photos from my session with zoe go here. and i love this square of the two of us. to see more on my collages please visit my website.

last night i read a few paragraphs that really resonated with me and i thought i would share. i was enjoying my new book titled " a certain alchemy" photographs by keith Carter. his wife patricia wrote the afterword and since i always look at art books backwards this is where i began.

"i don't know what constitutes a creative life for other people. one night in mexico we were at dinner with a diverse group of friends-there was a chef, a writer, a musician, a scientist and a couple photographers. the talk, fueled by good food and ample wine, was about the creative process-how to catch that spark that ignites the imagination. each person had a different take, but the musician capped the conversation when she said "i think you just get run over by a sugar truck".

"earlier i had had a conversation with our scientist friend, who spends his days doing research which has the potential to benefit us all. he is married to a photographer, and was talking about the difference between his work and hers. he said his own work would get done, with or without him.. "what I am looking for is there to be discovered, and if i don't find it, one of my colleagues will." "but an artist," he said, "if an artist doesn't do their work, then that work never gets done."

-patricia carter

i  must have read that five times last night before turning the bedside table light off with my waxy fingertips. feeling content knowing i had done my work. so the rest of you, please go make your art because no one can do it for you. we are off tomorrow with lots of work to do in mexico.