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tantalus drive, oahu wedding- leanne & sasha

Jon dreams of owning a 21 window Volkswagen bus just like this one. Someday Santa is going to surprise him. I have faith in that. This post is for my Mom who requested “eye candy” for Christmas. And for Sal the lucky owner of this 21 window beauty,  who has been dying to see photos of his baby up on Tantalus Drive. And it’s for sweet Leanne & Sasha who are away from their families this Christmas. They are wrapping up their mega honeymoon abroad, apparently it’s totally normal for Australians to take 6 weeks for their honeymoon. I think that makes them the smartest people on the planet. We ended our Christmas Eve with Jon’s family playing their ukuleles and singing completely off key to “Mele Kalikimaka” and “Jingle Bells”. That’s all I needed for Christmas. Well, that and another week on Kauai (I’ve been really good). Peace & Love & Be Merry!

love boat- shannon & hal

Gig Harbor, Washington

love bug- annie & amber

Lake Union, Seattle