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peek: the perfect dress- michelle & charles

This weekend we took the ferry to Whidbey Island for a perfect winter wedding getaway. Michelle and Charles were married in Langley at a sweet little church in the middle of town. They celebrated with family and friends at the incredibly charming and delicious Fireseed Garden. When we photograph couples I always feel like there are three characters to capture. The bride and groom of course and then there is the dress. The dress that the bride has¬†meticulously thought about for months or even years. The dress that has driven her crazy at times when she wasn’t sure it was the “one”. The dress she has tried on at least twenty times. The dress that she may have had second thoughts about or needed to ask for outside approval from her mom and bridal brigade. The dress that everyone thinks is perfect for her and makes her feel beautiful and confident. Sounds a little like love and marriage doesn’t it? There was no doubt this weekend that Michelle had found not only the perfect man but the absolutely most perfect dress for her style and sensibility. We all agreed completely. To the point that I was wanted to rip that dress right off of her, squeeze myself into it with the help of several layers of spanxs and run down the aisle with Jon for our second wedding.