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peek: port gamble- leslie & aubrey

The nicest folks you can ever imagine were married at the cutest church you ever did see in Port Gamble (officially my new favorite wedding spot on the Kitsap Peninsula). I knew things were off to a good start when I entered the bride’s rental house and the first thing I noticed was the familiar and delicious smell of filipino food cooking. I wasn’t feeling great that morning so I had only eaten a banana on the drive to Port Gamble.  Within minutes of walking in the door Leslie’s aunties were offering me chicken soup and ginger ale. I’m convinced that world wide filipino aunties are mind readers and know exactly what you need before you even know that you need it. We were greeted with huge smiles all day long. We must have been asked a hundred times during the reception if we had eaten yet. What struck me as so special was how we instantly felt like we were welcomed into the family. I can’t wait to revisit all those friendly faces while we edit this wedding. It’s easy to see how Leslie and Aubrey came to be such a  warm, positive, open minded and loving pair.