sunny woodinville wedding- delille cellars

The other night on our drive home after a very wet Seattle wedding, I asked Jon how many sunny days he thought we have annually in Seattle? We were both feeling rather annoyed with the weather as it was the last weekend of June and couldn’t believe how cold we were. We decided to make it a contest and we took a guess before I googled it. I felt really pessimistic when I guessed 94 days. I figured it was higher than that but it had been an extra long winter with a really slow transition to summer. Then Jon guessed 110 days and I felt even more negative. Since discovering the correct answer, I have been having much fun asking random folks from the PNW what they think the average number of sunny days in Seattle is. The answer says a lot about a person and how they feel about the place they call home. I was surprised that most people guessed a lower number than I did (which makes me feel a little bit more like an optimist). A friend of a friend at a party on the 4th of July guessed 20 days. I told her she needed an attitude adjustment or she should pack her bags.

Lana and John came up from their home in sunny California to have their wedding in Woodinville this April. This made me a little nervous because April is typically not so great up here. I stayed positive, since sometimes we have a few magic days in early spring. These two got super lucky and one of our sunny days landed on their wedding day. Since John’s family is from the Seattle area they decided to celebrate their union nearby at the lovely Delille Cellars in Woodinville. We adored Lana’s insanely contagious gorgeous smile. All their guests were super joyful and kind. It was a small bunch of people, only the most important people in their lives were invited. There is something so awesome about a carefully edited guest list. Each person attending a wedding brings their own energy. When couples decide to only invite their most special people, the overall energy is focused 100% on the couple and it’s pure gold. Enjoy the sunshine!

In case you are wondering we get an average of 58 sunny days a year in Seattle according to Steve Pool. Which means that I was actually rather optimistic with my 94 number. I feel a whole new added pressure to seize each sunny day and live it to the fullest. Luckily it’s partially clouded today so I can actually get some work done.