Slowing Down


as the ground freezes up here and the wind kicks in, we are settling into our "post" wedding mode and are slowing down a bit. we've had a couple weeks off from travel and shooting and have been on our computers editing like two little wedding elves. it's so cool to reflect on all the wonderful moments that we have had the pleasure to witness (and capture). the photograph above is from the wedding we've been working on the past couple days. we love the photos "in between" the photos. the quiet pauses at weddings when the couple just stands side by side and takes a deep breath or sneaks a kiss in the back seat on the way to the party. those are always the unexpected tender moments that you can only find when everyone just slows down a bit and takes it all in.

 meg over at "a practical wedding" just wrote the most thoughtful and insightful post on wedding planning, you must go read it! she also posted a pair of my favorite hasselblad shots from her wedding along with the wonderful post titled in praise of the slow wedding (and a slow life).