seattle wedding, robinswood house- desiree & john

He was standing at the top of the stairs when we arrived. Fully dress with a sunseeker suit buttoned up, his hair a little wet and neatly combed to the side. He spotted us first and his eyes opened wide as he yelled “the photographers are heeeeeere”. Then he was gone in a flash. While his Mom put on her wedding dress, he was still and quiet in the corner. As the afternoon progressed he grew more fidgety, perhaps it was because he didn’t have a fancy pillow with fake rings to hold on to. Most little boys in weddings take every moment when the adults are distracted to toss their fancy pillows up into the air. But he was not a ring bearer and was not taking his task for the day lightly. Instead of a pillow he would hold his Mom’s hand and escort her down the aisle to join his Dad in marriage. From the bride Desiree about the ceremony. “The most memorable moment for me was walking down the aisle with my son. He was so proud to have such an important role and as we walked I could feel his excitement, and then looking up and seeing John and my daughter and my family all waiting for me, made me feel so full of love I could barely contain myself. I will never forget looking at them and feeling so much pure happiness.”

John has always loved being in nature and beautiful gardens, so I knew we needed to have a lush scenery. Robinswood House was our first tour and the minute I saw the English sunken garden and patios I knew that it would be a perfect place to hold our friends and family. I loved the path that led to the garden, it felt like the way I always pictured the book, “The Secret Garden” when I was a kid.
I had so much fun with all of my wedding details! I wanted lots of color to highlight the beauty of our lives together and the warmth we feel from our friends and family. I wanted everything to feel full of life. I’m drawn to the look of something weathered and worn juxtaposed with natural beauty. I loved searching thrift stores, antique stores and ebay for handkerchiefs and tablecloths. It was so satisfying to look at different materials and not having any of them “match” yet seeing how they all tied in together. It was so great to make each “birdhouse” and selecting what bird would go in each jar. With help from friends, our vintage gold frames and floral backdrop for our ceremony turned out even more beautiful then I ever could have imagined.

Wedding Details:

Venue: Robinswood House // Catering: 12 Baskets Catering // Floral Design: Ravenna Blooms // Cake & Dessert: The Sweet Side Cake & Pies Alamode // Music: Sonny Byers and Jazz Trio (friend of Bride) // Wedding Dress: Milly from Nordstrom Wedding Suite // Bride’s Shoes: Joan and David // Hair & Make-up: Off White // Hair Accessory: Made by Mother // Groom’s Apparel: Tux Shop //  Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom // Favors: JonBoy Caramels