Memorial Day Wedding- Carolina Beach

So excited that Chris and Elissa’s Homespun Wedding was featured on Rock and Roll Bride last week! I’ve been so off and on with this blog for the last year. I have so much to share, I’m going to do my best to start posting again on a more consistent basis. With that said, I may have to make a section called “Throwback Thursdays” because we have some oldies but goodies that I’ve never posted. I couldn’t be happier to start the month off with Elissa and Chris who are so creative and cute. Their backyard wedding in Carolina Beach was at their family cabin and was a simple affair done perfectly! Their family owns two beach cottages on a lake that share a large lawn, which was the perfect place for them to pitch their tent to host their celebration. Elissa used her Grandma’s spoon collection as their centerpieces, she sewed all the brown gingham napkins and made ALL of those colorful pom-pom balls (which we couldn’t stop photographing). She also designed their invites, programs and tote bags. One of my favorite things at weddings is when there is a collection of old family wedding photos on display. I love seeing the parents and grandparent’s in their youth at the start of their journey. It makes me happy to think that some day one of our photos will be in a little frame on display at a wedding in the future. I can’t help to envision our couples as proud parent’s at their own children’s weddings. Life is so great, and finding a life partner and true LOVE is such a gift.