La Vita Nuova

in that book which is
my memory…
on the first page
that is the chapter when
i first met you
appear the words…
here begins a new life
-dante alighieri

i had this poem on the first post about kristin and jeff's wedding. and then for some reason i deleted it. not sure why. then today i was putting together their slideshow and went to itunes to hear one of the songs kristin had suggested for the show and was pleasantly surprised…. i knew the song and really liked it, i just didn't know the name of it. and as i listened to it again and again i realized that it was basically a modern day spin on the poem i had deleted. and so i thought that the poem and the song should have a post together. you can have a peek and a listen for yourself, over here on their slideshow.

*the song is "first day of my life" by bright eyes.