The Baby

my friend em now has three cute boys! you may remember ember from her super cool wedding walk and tiny ceremony on bainbridge island (which was featured over on a " a practical wedding"). when we toasted these two last summer we thought their family was sweet and complete, but surprise…they really needed one more little cutie named abe to make things truly complete. leo and finn are falling into their new roles as the biggest and bigger brother quite smoothly. and abe is one lucky boy.

(and will always be the baby).

("hand me abe", …."no, me, me i want to hold him")


see those cute dresses and skirts above abe? ember made all of those, i know, so cute! she has been busy even with a newborn. the piles of dresses i saw at her house made me wish i was a little girl again. some of them have the sweetest christmas patterns, some have polka dots and most of them are reversible. colorful patterns + reversible = a favorite thing for me. you can buy her handiwork over at her etsy shop and keep up on the latest creations on her blog snapdragon.