boston wedding, the barn at gibbet hill – callie & san

We planned to meet Callie the day before her wedding. But as they often do, things got a little crazy on her wedding eve. We were first to arrive for a walk through at the wedding venue. Shortly after Callie’s parents showed up with craft supplies and jars of pumpkin butter. A bit later San entered through the front doors with speakers and cords filling his arms. It was easy to see that there was a lot to get done before the next day. Tags to make, knots to be tied, lights to hang and microphones to test. San dropped everything and greeted us with the most genuine of hugs. He had warm eyes and the sweetest Australian accent. He explained in the most kind and empathetic tone that Callie had just lost her iPhone which had all things wedding related stored on it. He wasn’t frustrated in the slightest, just worried about Callie and wondering what he could do to help her. Callie was back at the hotel practicing with their musician friends who would perform the next day. He asked about our travels to the east coast. He had a million things to do in a short window of time but he kept his entire focus on us. I was immediately smitten with his accent, sweet demeanor and his smile. My head tilted a bit as I gazed up and smiled back at him. The coordinator at the venue arrived with questions about set-up. She was all business with her clipboard and giant key chain. After a minute of talking with San she slowed down a bit, her head began to tilt and her smile now matched his. She was smitten as well. Callie’s Mom wandered over to remind San that he needed to get busy in order to make it to dinner on time. He politely confirmed that she was “absolutely right!” She grinned and patted his back. It was easy to see that she had been smitten for a long time. We stuck around to help out. I tied bakers twine around the pumpkin butters that Callie and San had made for their guests. Jon and San unloaded the sound equipment from the car and set up the stage. When it was time to leave I looked over at Jon who was talking with San. He was grinning from ear to ear, eyes fixed, head tilted. I smiled knowing that Jon was smitten too.

These two are sweeter than words could ever describe. A talented pair of Berklee alumni, wedding photographers and coffee enthusiasts. Callie and San’s musical wedding was featured this week on one of our favorite blogs. Thank you Meg for sharing this as a Wordless Wedding on a Practical Wedding.