blogging binge- week one

Starting today I’m going on a blogging binge. I have become a little overwhelmed with the amount of really cool weddings that I haven’t posted yet. My friend and fellow photographer Karen Obrist started a Tuesday blogging club to help keep each other accountable and focused on blogging at least once a week. I loved the idea and posted for a couple weeks when she would send me friendly reminder texts. But with the sheer volume of what I want to share, posting once a week would still take me forever to get caught up, so I fell off the wagon and started making excuses. I have now decided to go at this like I did Game of Thrones and binge my way through all our awesome weddings that have been hiding out on our hard drives. I figure if I can watch 2-3 episodes of whatever show I’m binging on per night I can just as easily binge on blogging too. I doubt I’ll be doing three a day but you can count on at least one new wedding to be posted here every day for the next month. For this first month I’ll be focusing weddings from 2013 and 2014 or Seasons 6 and 7. Here’s a little peek of what will be featured.