alabama farm wedding- kelly & colton

We arrived at Colton’s family farm the afternoon before the wedding day. It was during a busy window when all the work that creates the wedding “magic” needed to get done. In the distance I could see what I believed to be the gigantic tree Kelly had written about in her emails to me. From the other side of the lake it looked miniature but I knew it was the one. People were scattered about and it took us awhile to locate Colton and Kelly. Once we did we hitched a ride in a golf cart to the other side of the property to the spot where they would exchange vows. Friends were busy under the monstrous tree setting up the natural stage for the ceremony. They had ropes and were hoisting huge black speakers up into the branches. The visual side of Kelly and Colton (the photographer & cinematographer) knew that setting up speakers and stands for their audio system would be a major eyesore during the ceremony. But their musical side wanted the songs that they would sing with their bridal party to be heard by all. The solution was to suspend the speakers without using stands and to camouflage them in the ample branches and leaves. Everyone standing in the tree’s shade had a different opinion on how the speakers should hang. And everyone under the canopy (including us) agreed that it was a challenging yet completely brilliant plan.

The tree was decorated with loving hands for the wedding day. In addition to jumbo speakers friends hung clusters of floating gold frames and mason jars with candles from her branches. On the wedding day there was an unexpected thunderstorm and downpour. The tree provided shelter from the rain and later the sun. It provided a sacred spot for a promise of unconditional love between two kindred spirits. Gazing up at the enormous wise tree while Colton and Kelly held hands and promised forever, I couldn’t help but think about genuine love and the story “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.

Right after their wedding Kelly and Colton left their families and moved across country to Los Angeles to pursue Colton’s endeavors in filmmaking. I learned at the wedding that his family had actually moved out of the farm a couple years earlier. It was mainly abandoned, except for his brother who used it as a practice spot for motorcross training. The buildings where empty and the paint was peeling. His family was uncertain as to how much longer they would hold onto it. You could tell by the way they spoke of this place that they felt rooted to the land. It was clear to me that everyone close to Colton loved that farm with the giant tree. And that the tree loved them back.

Kelly and Colton’s Alabama farm wedding was featured on the stylish blog Green Wedding Shoes yesterday. It’s a lovely layout with tons of details and insight from Kelly on their big day. I loved the part where Kelly lists all her favorite memories from the wedding.

Wedding Details-

Venue: Colton’s family farm in Montgomery, AL //  Wedding Dress: Casablanca Bridal, purchased at Monica’s Bridal in Chattanooga, TN.  // Shoes: Miss L Fire // Bridesmaid jewelry: made by Kelly – her etsy store is Whisper Will // Groom suit: Brooks Brothers //  Catering: Smokin S Bar-B-Cue in Wetumpka, AL // Cake: Cookies courtesy of Mrs. Fields // Music: Emily and Garrett Blaising