A Literary Wedding – linda & cameron

"there's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money either."

-robert graves

(one of linda's favorite quotes)…because it has sass.

"reading is a means of thinking with another person's mind, it forces you to stretch your own"

-lionel trilling

(one of cameron's favorites)….because it's the truth.

when these two english teachers tied the knot in chicago it was all about great quotes, classic jazz, piles of beautiful books and some unexpected fireworks.






i love teachers. my mom is a retired first grade teacher. i also taught high school photography for a few years before my "early retirement". i never understood the energy, dedication and love it took to be an influential teacher, until i tried it. it made me love teachers that much more. i realized i couldn't follow my own photography dreams and teach at the same time (at least not the way i wanted to teach). linda and cameron are two tremendous english teachers. they help open minds daily and push their students to achieve their goals. they are lucky enough to teach at the same high school and to have each other to lean on. i can't imagine how many young people will learn from these two in the future. they will set a positive example way beyond proper spelling and punctuation.

it suited linda and cameron perfectly to be married at one of the oldest churches in chicago, the beautiful old st. pat's church. in between the ceremony and reception we made a stop at "old printers row" to take a few shots in a very charming shop called "chicago rare books". The owner was so nice, he actually stayed  late so we could shoot. he even handed out mugs and bookmarks to the whole wedding party while they waited for us in the limo. we fell into a photo trance with miles davis playing overhead and antiques hiding around each bookshelf. after the book store we headed over to the library and shot some fun photographs up on the "L" platform and then it was time to go inside and celebrate.

their reception was at the harold library up on the top floor in the winter garden atrium. the space was surrounded in books, their details matched perfectly with a card catalog for seating assignments, bookmarks as gifts, piles of antique books as centerpieces and sweet little pots of ivy scattered about. during their first dance fireworks started to explode outside the large windows. a perfect coincidence, it happened to also be venetian night. crowds of people were lined up along lake michigan to take in this lighted boat parade and firework show. the sparks started to fly just as linda and cameron embraced for their first dance. i am convinced that these two have some amazing karma ( it was pretty magical). to see more from this wedding, please check out their jazzy little slideshow.